depth 1

Deak-chun Han Deak-chun Han Secretary General

depth 2

Yong--deok Cho Yong--deok Cho Executive Director

depth 3

Sang-hoon Nam Sang-hoon Nam Planning Director
Tae-hoon Kim Tae-hoon Kim Planning Director
Su-hyung Jang Su-hyung Jang Program Director

depth 4

Joo-hwan Lee Joo-hwan Lee Planing Manager
Soo-hyeong Yi Soo-hyeong Yi Program Manager
Chang-min Na Chang-min Na Program Manager
Jong-han Rhee Jong-han Rhee Program Manager
Sophie Lee Sophie Lee Program Manager

AWC has Secretariat to implement matters decided by General Assembly and the Board.


Secretariat shall have the Secretariat General in total charge and some paid staff, which can be operated by staff dispatched by external organizations.


The Secretariat General is appointed by the Board and can serve consecutive terms with a term of 3 years.