Water Project

AWC Water Project

- A demand-based project to help address water-related issues facing member countries through support of development Project Concept Papers (PCP) to be submitted to the MDBs and other financial institutes for funding opportunities.


- PPromote a joint action agenda on the basic human rights to water to tackle water and sanitation in Asia

- Enhance international water cooperation between recipient and donor countries through development and implementation of practical water projects

  1. call for Proposal
    Announcement of water Project (of the year)
    via AWC website, Email, Social Media
  2. Application
    Submission of Water Project Proposals
  3. Qualification
    Evaluation and Selection of Submitted Proposals
  4. Approval by the Board of Council
    Approval of Selected Projects (in written form)
  5. Project Concept Paper
    Devalopment of the project Proposals
  6. Consultation
    Discussion of financing measured and implementation plans
  7. Implementation
    Water Project Implementation

List of 2016-24 AWC Water Projects

List of 2016-24 AWC Water Project : year, number, country, title
Year No. Country Title
1 Indonesia Development of Cloud Computing Based Water Risk Management System for Asian Country
2 Cambodia Integrated Flood and Drought Management in the 4 Ps Basin for Climate Resilience
3 Indonesia Smart Water Management Project in Denpasar, Indonesia
4 Vietnam SWM Micro Pilot Project for Vietnam
5 Mongolia Update and develop national water policy in line with SDGs, Paris declaration and long term development policy of Mongolia
6 Thailand Comprehensive study for additional water supply from nearby basins to Chao Phraya river basin
7 Cambodia Development of Water Purifying System Using a Ceramic Filter for the Purification of High-turbidity Surface Water Resources in Cambodia
‘20 8 Lao PDR Establishment of a plan for IWRM system in Xe Banghiang river basin, LAO PDR
9 Uzbekistan Scientific platform addressing to ecosystem recreation around the western part of the Aral Sea
10 Cambodia IWRM MP project in Cambodia 4Ps basin for future climate change resilience and disaster alleviation
11 Zeorgia Future development project of sewerage network and water supply of Makhinjauri and the Green Cape Settlement in Batumi City
12 Bangladesh Implementation of Smart Meter for Smart Water Management in Dhaka City
13 Nepal Support water and sanitation policy-related SDGs and rights in Nepal – Phase 1
14 Mongolia The national water quality information database
15 Bangladesh Capacity Enhancement and Explore Research Opportunities
’21 16 Vietnam Establishment of decision support system (DSS) for efficiency water resources management
17 Cambodia Development of the master plan for Water Security In Kongpisey, Cambodia
18 Cambodia Master plan on Sangke river Integrated management
‘22 19 Cambodia Integrated Water Resource Management and Climate Change Adaptation Improvement Project in Kampong Thom Province
20 Lao PDR Sustainable Clean Water Management and Ecological Restoration Project for Stable Water Supply in Vientiane
21 Lao PDR Vientiane Nam Ngum Reservoir Renewable
22 Nepal Water-Energy-Food Nexus and Knowledge Base & Dissemination in all 7 provinces 
’23 23 Laos Drought risk assessment and sustainable water utilization in affected province of LAO PDR
24 Thailand Enhancing climate resilience of water infrastructure in Thailand
25 Bangladesh Feasibility study on artificial recharge of ground water aquifer in Dhaka city
‘24 26 Laos Development of water resources management system in the Nam Houng River Basin
27 Mongolia Water cycle promotion and urban flood reduction project in Ulaanbaatar
28 Philippines Development of alternative water sources and smart water supply system in Pampanga
29 Bangladesh Monitoring and restoration of multi-aquifer system for Dhaka City